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K2 Workspace app email not sending image attachmen...

I created an app that sends out an email to the team that sends information alone with an image using the image attachment. I add the information to ...

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Email Attachment Missing - K2 Workspace

We implemented a Solution and have an Email sent on a Button Click. When this is done on Browser, all is received well, however, when we replicate on...

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Disable subform/subview border controls (Maximize ...

Hi All, I am currently struggling with an issue on a SmartForms application. The application runs from a portal type landing page and all user in...

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Copy and paste from a list view

Symptoms You can no longer copy text from a list view and paste it elsewhere. Diagnoses When we (K2) added functio...

  • By wleroux
  • December 23, 2015  15:06
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