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K2 Five Event Gateway Support

I don't see there is support in K2 Five for the event gateway. Am I missing something maybe? We have a need to either wait for a timer to expire in...

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Rest broker tries to populate smart object on 400 ...

We have a smartobject in our workflow that is a rest broker to an external service. When the external service returns a 400, the smart object still ...

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Cannot remove user role from management console

We have two user roles defined in the management console and don’t know how they would have gotten created. In either case, we are unable to edit or...

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Workflow variables exposed in workflow schema

When running the Get Workflow Schema operation for a selected workflow through the swagger UI, the JSON schema definition includes all variable defin...

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Hello Anyone had any success making K2 Oauth resources OpenID compatible Best regards

  • By kamel
  • July 05, 2018  07:51
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