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Filter all documents in a SharePoint library by a ...

I want to filter all of the documents in a library that have the same identifier (CAPEX number) and move them to a different library using a Nintex w...

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Adding a letter prefix and year suffix to a field ...

I created a form and workflow for a SharePoint list. I set up a calculation to populate a field with the next number using a next number list, varia...

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Unable to insert a field with an external data sou...

I created a Nintex form with a repeating table. One of the fields I want to place into the repeating table is getting its data from an external sour...

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Task attachments not appearing on list item

Hi everyone, I have an issue where I've created a Nintex form with attachments. However, when a user attaches documents they remain within the task a...

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Copying documents based on column values

Hi! I have a document library that consists of multiple document sets. What I'm looking to do is to query the whole library, filter out the d...

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How do you display additional fields for an Extern...

I have an External Content type connected to a USP on an External SharePoint 2010 list using Business Connectivity Services. In a second associat...

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