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Nintex responsive form Rules

Hi , I am working on responsive forms. i have created few in past as well but now i see that rules are not working as they used to i.e.1==1 con...

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Error:Nintex RPA did not find table

Hi Experts, I have just started playing with RPA tool. i am going through the test excercise, i am able to go through the steps on first go but nex...

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Responsive form Attachment Control validation

Hi Nintex Experts, I am using responsive form 365. I want to validate attachment control by checking other form control/s. I tried to create va...

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Workflow start variable and task forms

How to edit start event variables and export forms in workflow? I have to reuse similar forms in multiple tasks but cant find a way to do so?

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Nintex Form(o365) javascript to read list from oth...

I want to auto populate fields( user information which is not in AD) in my form by HR data list. HR data list is in other site collection, i tried us...

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Workflow for O365 not Displaying as an Option in L...

I have an issue I am encountering where I copied over a workflow from on-prem to the cloud but it wasn't available for anyone but the admin who copie...

  • By jvolk85
  • March 10, 2020  06:02
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Task Process Variable Due Date

Background Office 365 Classic Nintex Forms Nintex Workflow I have a field on a form with multiple approvers. The requirement is fo...

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Validation Rule on 'people' control when a...

This has me stuck for 3 hours now... I'm missing something! Using "old" responsive form builder, SharePoint Online. I have a mandatory choice fie...

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Retention of attachments in workflow tasks

When a user is assigned a task they need to attach documents to the task. If the attachment is stored in the workflow task list, does this get dele...

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How to disable a button in Nintex Forms using Scri...

Basically, I have a Nintex Form, where based on the Status, the buttons at the bottom of the form changes. For example if the Status is "In Review" t...

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