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Nintex Workflow Cloud Blob URL Expiration

I have a component workflow in NWC that I am calling from a custom web app via Web APIs. Part of this request involves uploading files to NWC, which ...

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Nintex AppStudio Can't Filter Forms

I have created an app in Nintex AppStudio that is connected to our O365 tenant. When I go into the app, all of our New Responsive Forms show up as op...

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Size Limits for File Upload Control - New Responsi...

In the new responsive designer, you have the ability to set the allowed max size per file uploaded, as well as the max number of files. The highest y...

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New Responsive Forms Designer "Loading Licens...

We’ve been developing our first forms using the New Responsive Designer, and now are having some user testing. Several users with Windows 7 are...

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How long can a state machine run?

I am developing a new form and workflow. The workflow has a state machine that includes one or more task actions in each of its states. The process...

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New Responsive Form - Display data from repeating ...

Hi, I am new to Nintex. Currently, I am facing aproblem with my project. I want to display the data (which include choice single, date and tex...

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How can I dynamically populate a dropdown on a Nin...

I'm trying to pull in a list of names and addresses for a field in my form, and it doesn't seem like there's any way to do this at all with a Nin...

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slow forms load in o365

I am running Nintex forms in Office 365 and have a slow load issue. It is a simple form with not much going on and on first access it is takin...

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  • March 26, 2015  17:32
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