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detach document from list item and save to file sh...

Hello, Is there a way to use Nintex Workflow to automatically detach a document from a list item (or copy it without detaching) and saving the doc ...

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Copy To Action without Attachments

Hello, We have a large list with alot of items in it. We create archive lists of these items without the attachments. Is there any way to use the...

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Create a New Word Document in a library from a lis...

Hi, I have a list with metadata. I created a workflow for a document library that has essentially the same metadata. I'm using the Create Item ac...

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Workflows can use app permissions with create item...

Hello, We have a need to create an item in a site where the user will not have permissions. Will the "workflow can use app permissions" feature fi...

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Hide Disable Rule not working on Lookup Field

Hi, Using Nintex Forms, when I try to create a rule for a lookup field (pulled in from a different SP list) the rule does not work. I've tried hid...

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Create a list item from nintex form(JavaScript)

Title: There is one nintex form containing buttons(Save,Cancel and Create). If we click on Create button a new copy of this record will be created ...

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Create Item Action does not fill Metadata

I created a Workflow on a SharePoint list which creates a new Document in an other Library. Based on List-Item Metadata the fields on new created doc...

  • By Gregory
  • August 28, 2019  04:42
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Document Creation Workflow Error

I have a workflow that previously worked just fine (and also a copy of the exact workflow working correctly on another library). It's a workflow to c...

  • By CLSlack
  • August 21, 2019  09:22
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Need to capture digitized signature using EXTERNAL...

Hi! I was able to configure Nintex Forms (shp2013 on-prem) using jSignature to work in NF desktop layout. Also did the Nintex Mobile configuratio...

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Assign Flexi Task Issue/Query

In my workplace we have an award nomination scheme where 6 senior managers need to all agree for an individual to be given an award. I have cr...

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