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Is there a way to show that a task is being worked...

I have a simple workflow where a user puts in a request to the responders group that can handle it. (The group currently has 5 members.) Any member...

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Is there a way to create a keyboard shortcut so th...

I am creating a form with a repeating section in which the users may have to add up to 30 or so rows. One of the users requested a keyboard shor...

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Build string problem: concatenate 3 string variabl...

IN Nintext Workflow + Forms (on-premises) I'm trying to build a dynamic string containing up to 3 hyperlinks. In a Build string action, I con...

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  • January 18, 2016  06:16
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How to know who approved or rejected a request app...

I have a requirement where I have to find out who approved or rejected a request approval task, that is assiged to a group. I am using Nintex...

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  • September 25, 2014  00:34
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