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Dispatcher should be able to pick any person to be...

I need a workflow with only 2 steps (tasks). The assignee of the first step = Dispatcher. The assignee of the second step = the expert that wil...

  • By Antwerp
  • November 08, 2018  01:17
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replacing text from string

Hello, How can I replace all special characters in a workflow? Say you get a string from a SharePoint list: (MyString#1-a). So, I want to remov...

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Create List Item running very slow

Hi, I have two lists. In the first list, the user inputs the number of items they want to create in the second list. The workflow creates the i...

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Form Submit then redirect to previous URL wherever...

I have several pages that have a link to Add a New Item to a List with an Attachment. Let's say Pages A, B, and C. After the new item has been ad...

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How do I convert a date/time code to a date/time?

In Nintex forms, I need to compare two dates. The first date is generated by taking the maximum value of the lookup runtime function. It is brou...

  • By mbt2103
  • October 29, 2018  11:50
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