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Drawloop - How to add Keep Word Formula's to the page layout

TopicHow to add Keep Word Formula's to the page layout InstructionsAdding 'Keep Word Formulas' field to the Document Package Layout: Navigate to Salesforce SetupIn classic = (quick search "Objects") ...

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Drawloop - Attachment on Salesforce Email Template

Question Why is the attachment from a Salesforce Email Template not being included in the email? Answer Nintex Drawloop DocGen currently does not support pulling the attachment on the Salesforce ...

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How to find which workflows contain a certain action

TopicHow to find which workflows contain a certain action. InstructionsRunning the following script on your Nintex content database(s) can provide this information.The below example looks for the Cal...

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Nintex Promapp - Document is stuck showing as 'Loading'

Issue A document may be stuck showing 'Loading' on a Process and you are unable to open the document. Resolution Clearing your browser cache should resolve this issue.

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Nintex Promapp - Multiple Users with the same name

Question How can I tell what user to select from the User autocomplete lists if the 2 users have the same first name and surname? Answer There isn't an easy way to tell which user is which if the...

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