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StartWorkflowOnListItem Method with Association Data not properly parsing tokens

IssueTokens for Item Properties, Workflow variables, and other references used in workflow actions are not parsed properly when starting a workflow with the Nintex Workflow Web Service (/_vti_bin/nint...

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Drawloop - Insert-Update for Child Records

Topic In order to do achieve this, it will be using the Excel as Middleware functionality with the Insert-Update. Instructions For this example, we are running from the Account object and updatin...

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Solution(s) fail to deploy during a Nintex upgrade because a file is being used by an

IssueWhen upgrading Nintex Workflow, some Nintex solution(s) may be in an 'Error' state with the following error: The process cannot access the file 'C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web...

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Drawloop - Field Tag Not Populating in Template

IssueWhen trying to run a document package, one field tag is not populating in Template ResolutionReview the following areas to determine if the <<tag>> is correctly placed: Check the rel...

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Drawloop - Release Notes

TopicWhere to find Release Notes for package/server updates InstructionsNavigate here:

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