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Form Validation Failing - Not Consistent

I am working on a SharePoint form that has multiple validation options based on end user selection. There are about 13 options (drop-down) in tot...

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How to NOT allow users to enter a blank space in a...

I have a form with a lot of validation based on what item is selected from a dropdown. An issue I just discovered was that even though I have th...

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Formula Builder window Tabs Explanation

I am in the process of writing some job aids form company regarding Nintex forms. Where would I find documentation that does a good job of explai...

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Number validation: Cannot start or end with zero

Is there a way to validate end user entry so that the 1st and last number upon data entry cannot be a zero? Here is what the department would l...

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Is there a way to keep the form area from auto-siz...

I have a request to make a checkbox section of a form a static size vs auto-expanding. They would like this to happen because the amount of item...

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Blank or Whitespace validation

Hi, I have a mandatory Text field with the following validation rule formula. Visitor1=='' && (isNullOrEmpty(trim((Visitor1FirstName))...

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Can the new responsive form be customised

When I test a form I created using Nintex 2016 in different resolutions, my forms seems to adjust only lengthwise. I would like my form to appear...

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How do you resize a responsive form

Hi, I am using the NEW responsive forms in Nintex and I have a repeating section in the form and have ran out of room for my columns, can anyo...

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Conditionally show status icons in a form

I recently had a customer who wanted status indicators in his list. While this can be done using JavaScript, one of my co-workers had come acros...

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Form Choice Field Validation Setup

Really looking for some agreement from the masses here. I have a form, and was trying to validate that when a choice field is empty/Null, then th...

  • By davisn
  • July 20, 2016  05:23
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