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Get the ID of the item from K2 MultiSelect control...

Hi All, I am trying to Move items across between K2 MultiSelect control using two Up and Down buttons , For that am trying to pass the selected ite...

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Smartobject for displaying data from two Sharepoin...

I want to create an Advanced smartobject to combine the data from two Sharepoint lists to display in a Listview! Both the Sharepoint lists are havin...

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Dropdownlist value is not retained in listview

I have a listview having dropdownlist controls, which is getting populated from SQL tables. After saving the values for dropdownlist, if again I ...

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How to apply javascript code to a TextBox control ...

Hi All, I have a multiline of TextBox having the contents retrieved from a column in a Sharpeoint list seperated with comma. I want to apply...

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Switch visibility of controls

I have a view with a checkbox. If the checkbox is "checked" some other controls should be visible. If the checkbox is "unchecked" these controls shou...

  • By skb_ev
  • August 07, 2019  22:42
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