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Standalone Nintex Workflow Cloud forms

Hi All, I am coming to NWC from a K2 background and I am suprised to find how limited the forms functionality is, or perhaps I can't find the a...

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K2 5.4 consumes all memory on server and then cras...

Hi All, I am running into an issue with a K2 5.4 setup that weekly consumes all 16 gig then proceeds to consume up to 30 gig of the page file on the...

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How do I get a list of installed custom controls ?...

Hi Everyone, Subject says it all, I need to get a list of registered custom controls. How would I achieve this ? Kind regards, Helgard Wagen...

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K2 5.3 workflow authoring API compatibility.

Hi All, I am reading through the product documentation as we have a requirement for users to be able to create workflows for specific scenarios i...

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