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Create item in list using variable for list URL?

I have a workflow that uses a workflow variable to store the URL of a list. I need to be able to create an item in the list using this variable. ...

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Display Nintex Forms Panel based on User’s Role

Let’s say there is a SharePoint list of users with an additional column that contains a role per each user. On another list, a Nintex Form contai...

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How to make a calculated control scrollable

I have a calculated control on my Nintex form that displays the contents of a separate multiline text field. The problem is that the size of the ...

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Remove "i:0#.w|" from a username in a Ni...

I have not been able to find a solution to this question here, so hopefully it hasn't already been asked. I simply need to remove "i:0#.w|" from ...

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Connect a form control to a different list?

Is it possible to connect a form control to a list other than where the form resides?

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