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Is it possible to delegate a task without removing...

Exactly what the title says. I have a workflow that utilizes a parallel action to both request a review and pause until an entered date and time ...

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Escalate Request Review

I would like to know if there is a workaround or easy way to escalate a workflow to completion after a certain date that is utilizing a "Request ...

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Question about using Flexi-Task for approval purpo...

I am using Flexi- Task to request approval from multiple people with 3 outomes: Approve, Reject and Abstain. How can I allow the workflow to run ...

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'Workflow Tasks stuck as 'Not Started'...

I have two different approval workflows where the person kicking off the workflow can enter the users they want to request approval from in t...

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Creating a workflow that captures changes

Hello, I am attempting to create a workflow that will capture the changes within items in a list and notify the person assigned to it of thes...

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