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Is it possible to delegate a task without removing it from task list?

Exactly what the title says. I have a workflow that utilizes a parallel action to both request a review and pause until an entered date and time after which any open tasks will be delegated to the ini...

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Escalate Request Review

I would like to know if there is a workaround or easy way to escalate a workflow to completion after a certain datethat is utilizing a "Request Review" workflow action. Thanks in advance.

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Question about using Flexi-Task for approval purposes

I am using Flexi- Task to request approval from multiple people with 3 outomes: Approve, Reject and Abstain. How can I allow the workflow to run until completion regardless of the participants respons...

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'Workflow Tasks stuck as 'Not Started'

I have two different approval workflows where the person kicking off the workflow can enter the users they want to request approval from in the start form of each instance of the workflow. This is wor...

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Creating a workflow that captures changes

Hello,I am attempting to create a workflow that will capture the changes within items in a list and notify the person assigned to it of these changes. I have found a thread herethat explains the proce...

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  • Posted by chubacher
  • | November 30, 2017 08:07
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