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Automating the ability to withdraw a submission

Hello all, I'm stuck! Basic workflow goes like this... item is entered and is sent directly to five different tasks (long story behind that and...

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New Responsive Form - "fn" rules questio...

We have a user in our company trying to build a form rule using the New Responsive Form builder. The rule he is trying to build is something I use o...

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Single Line Text format - ReqEx maybe?

This is a total long shot, but here goes. My (old) responsive form has a single line text box where the name of 'the person making the complaint' n...

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Terminated workflows from Task Error RequestorID:x...

A task workflow that has been running for over a year now has suddenly stopped working for just one user. I do not recognize this error message, hop...

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Validation Rule on 'people' control when a...

This has me stuck for 3 hours now... I'm missing something! Using "old" responsive form builder, SharePoint Online. I have a mandatory choice fie...

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Cannot move existing controls and place new ones i...

Nintex Workflow O365 version Nintex Form O365 version I have an existing published workflow and I'm trying modify the Task Form....

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Form Update - Version Conflict

I have a workflow that sends an email on reject with a link back to the original form so that the user can update based on comments captured duri...

  • By harfmt
  • May 27, 2018  17:34
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Workaround: Append Changes to Existing Text

Hi Nintexers, I just wanted to share a simple workaround for the missing support of the "Append Changes to Existing Text" option for Multiline...

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Connected calculated fields do not save to the Sha...

Hello, I have a few calculated fields and I connected them to a list column. I saved / published the form and ran a test. The form ran correct...

  • By bsieloff
  • September 19, 2017  17:44
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Approver Comments

Hi All, This should be a simple thing to do, but I'm having issues. Venturing into the world of Nintex for O365 and having issues with the ...

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