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Deleting Workflow from Gallery and Impact on Runni...

If I delete a workflow from the gallery, will doing so affect workflows which are already in progress?

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Submit Form - Unexpected Error Occurred

I need to send a form to approx. 60 users every quarter, and then track who has submitted the form and who has not. I have built a workflow on List A...

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Add Risk Colors to Form

I need to build a Risk Report form with fields - e.g. Crime, Weather, Terrorism - which have the choice options of Minor, Low, Moderate, High, Extrem...

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Workflow to Hide Item and Terminate Current Workfl...

I have list which has an approval workflow which runs when in a new item is created. The data in this list is being accessed by another service, ...

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Export Workflow to Text for Search?

Is there a way to export a workflow as a text script, so that I can search for e.g. a variable name and locate where it is set in the workflow? I o...

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Responsive form Attachment Control validation

Hi Nintex Experts, I am using responsive form 365. I want to validate attachment control by checking other form control/s. I tried to create va...

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Task Comments not connected

While configuring the task forms on my workflow, I realized that the comment field is (for all 11 tasks) not connected to anything. My choices for co...

  • By kmiley
  • June 26, 2019  09:52
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