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SharePoint Online/O365 w/ Nintex Forms - Prompt Us...

Folks, Can you point me in the right direction please. I am creating a form that will either have a Drop Down or Radial choice of Yes and No. If...

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Form submitting without Firing Validation Rules

I read a few articles that did not really answer the question of a form submitting without validating. Can some one point me in a better directio...

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Form Field not updating

I need some ideas/pointers. I have a form that the list has a field labelled "Issue_type". When I created the form I used a choice control, calle...

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Rule validation confirmation

Can I have someone confirm this should nor should not work. I have a panel with button choice options. I want to hide/show a panel based on rule...

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Panel Spacing and Hiding

Folks, Like to get some guidance and/or pointers. I have a form that hides panels based on option selected. The panels hides, so I know the rule...

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XML to XSLT converstion Nintex Office 365

Hi , i want to send the repeater section values in mail content (html table format) Can anyone please help me to convert XML to XSLT. I cou...

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Nintex Forms: How to disable or hide option in Cho...

I have a form with a Choice control. It has a number of choices, and I need some of them to be either hidden or disabled based on some condition....

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Query XML - An exception occurred while processing...

Hi, I am currently using a RepeaterSection to capture product data. The RepeaterSection is connected to a column in the list where the XML is ...

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How to move a file from one directory to another d...

Hello all I ave to create a short WF to approve a file and move the file from one Library directory to another directory in the same Library. m...

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  • April 01, 2015  01:59
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Change window title Nintex Forms

Hi everyone, We are looking into a way to customize the window title of the browser windows of Nintex Forms. Is there a way to do this...

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  • March 30, 2015  03:20
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