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Workflow to archive list items to another list on the same site

Dear community,I found various threads discussing this issues, but unfortunately I am still struggling to get this to work.I have list tracking status of different items with multiple collumns and ite...

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Task Form not working with "Request Data"-action

Hi Community,I have been fighting with this for few days now. I have created a workflow that request values from the user via the "Request Data"-action and after updates these to a list. The workflow ...

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Flexi-Task sends reminders also after completition

Dear Community,I have an issue where the Worfklow (Flexi-Tas) is sending reminders to the user, after the task has been completed.As a concrete example:The Flexi-Task is configureted with a 10-Day rem...

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Copy (created) and Update (edited) item on another list

Hello Nintex-Community,I have quite a simple issue that has kept bothering me for a while. I have been searching in google (and here) for a solution but never found one, and I believe I am not the onl...

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Re-Usable WF not starting for each element created by another WF

Hi Community,I have been experimenting with re-usable WFs, and content types with some good results. Currently I am face with quite an annoying issue:I have multiple Libraries which are all basically ...

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Error in request data action. Unauthorized attempt to update

Hello,I have a workflow that uses the "request data" task.However I have found that when task gets sent to the staff member they are filling out the form but the task is erroring out.Error in request ...

In Nintex for SharePoint
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Request data will not complete

Hello,we are currently on SP2013, Nintex WF created a workflow with a request data Action. The Action will create a new CT, I added some fields to the CT and everything should work perfectly ...

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Best Practices for Reusable Workflow Templates

Products: Nintex Workflow for SharePoint (2016, 2013, 2010)Avoid “All” and “Item” Content TypesTo prevent lengthy content type evaluation when saving or publishing reusable workflow templates, avoid s...

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