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Is it possible to set a value for Multi Line Textb...

Hello there, I would like to know if it is possible to set a value for a Multi Line Textbox with rich text enabled in a Classic Form via JavaS...

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Workaround: Append Changes to Existing Text

Hi Nintexers, I just wanted to share a simple workaround for the missing support of the "Append Changes to Existing Text" option for Multiline...

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Web Request: GetUserCollectionFromGroup

Hello everybody, I'm struggeling to get the Web Request action to work with the GetUserCollectionFromGroup request ( https://mytenant.sharepo...

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Lazy Approval not working

Hi I'm currently working on an Document Approval workflow where I would like to use the Lazy Approval function of Nintex Workflows for Office ...

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Preselect a value in a multi value List Lookup Con...

Hi, Does anyone have experience or an idea how I can preselect a value in a multi value List Lookup Control? Here is what I was doing with...

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