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For Each workflow action

I know this is going to be a very basic question, but here it is. The "For Each" workflow action isn't work for me. It's probably because I switch ...

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Archive Multiple items

I am trying to archive all items in a list with the status of "Complete". I have included my work flow and config for the "For Each" and "Copy Item"...

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Create WF to export a Contact List library to a .C...

I am working on a request to create an export of contact names and cell numbers from a list (Contact List library) as an attachment in an email. Cam...

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Deleting items in a document library

I am building a workflow to delete documents that are 7 days old. Have tried using "Delete Item" and "Delete Multiple Items". I have a field...

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Getting First and Last name in a workflow...

I am trying to set the text in the body of an email to show a specific item is assigned to a person. The assignee's information is being capture...

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Workflow not triggering

SPO and Nintex Workflow issue... I have a very simple workflow that is published to production. When an item is created, based on a condition, an ...

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Create a csv file from a list

I have a case whre I need to created a workflow that makes an extract from a list to a csv file. It is to be settled on a daily basis. ...

  • By bbg
  • November 07, 2016  04:08
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