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Send SMS through workflow

Does anyone know if it is possible to send an SMS message through Nintex workflow without having to use a 3rd party vendor? I did read this ...

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set date and time with drop down

Is it possible to set a date and time field on a Nintex form based on a value in a drop down? If Completed in selected in the status field, w...

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calendar icon past 2007

We have a form that asks for DOB. When the user clicks on the calendar icon to change the date, it only goes back to 2007. If we choose a date in...

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SQL Request in Repeating Section of Form

I have an expense reimbursement form that uses and SQL request to pull in department numbers in a drop down as one column in the repeating sectio...

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redirect on a webpart

I am trying to get my form to redirect to a new page when the user clicks save or submit. If they click save, they should be redirected to a save...

  • By lgiambar
  • September 29, 2017  10:15
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Write Attachment from List into Separate Library

Using Nintex 2013 On-Premise, is a Web Service really the only way to grab an attachment within a nintex form and then save it to a separate libr...

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Problems displaying People Dropdown

I thought I left an adequate space for my People Dropdowns but when I search for a Name like "Jones" the part of the dropdown display gets overla...

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Timestamped Comments?

Trying to create a comment box to where users can enter comments throughout process milestones and it will time stamp and hard code each time. Ca...

  • By shuttjo
  • April 28, 2016  13:47
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SQL Request Troubleshooting - works in "Run N...

I am trying to do a very simple query in the SQL request control. When I'm configuring the action and click the Run Now button it works fine, bu...

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Nintex Forms Enterprise - SQL Request Control

Nintex Forms Enterprise enables your forms to connect to external data sources, such as SQL databases or web services, extending their reach by a...

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