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Updating Form List View from Calculated Form Contr...

It seems this has been an issue in the past, from 2-3 years back. Simply put, is there a way to reference a form control in CAML script for fi...

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Nintex Mobile form for Android not an optional lay...

Is there a reason that there is no layout for Nintex Mobile for Android (v. Would it be possible to create a Nintex Mobile for iPh...

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Nintex Form Autofill Textbox Validation

I guess the simplest way to ask this is: Is there a way to validate a text input from a list lookup? I am using javascript to autofill a text...

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Nintex Mobile Dropdown Validation

parseLookup runtime function does not allow users to submit mobile forums and JavaScript is not an option here. Is there an alternative metho...

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Set Lookup Column from Single Line Column in Workf...

I have tried almost every variation of integer and string variables and list lookups I could think of to simply copy the "Name" column over to th...

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Mobile forms disappear and need republishing

Hi All, I have an issue in the Nintex Mobile app (happens to be running on Windows phones) the issue is that some time after publishing forms,...

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  • September 02, 2016  01:06
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