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Can the groups be migrated from a site to another?...

Hi, I want to replicate the groups of a site to another, keeping the permitions and the users. Does anybody know how to do it? (Both sites are i...

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How can I activate infopath por flexi task?

Hi, I can't use infopath to edit flexi task forms because it's not enabled. Does anybody know how can I activate this?

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How can I Get a Substring of a Worhflow Variable?

Hi, I need help to trim a WS Response. We have a Web Service configured to respond strings like this: 000000000000102Incidente creado correct...

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How can I see my pending tasks of all SharePoint s...

I'm trying to create a view to centralize all my pending task. I tried using the web part "My workflow tasks" showing the tasks of the farm, but ...

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Can the automatic mail responses be modified?

Hi, I'm looking for a way to modify the messages of the automatic responses that Nintex send to the users. For example: "Response is no longer r...

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