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Nintex form to pdf in workflow that approves - O3...

Hi! Please explain to me the form converting to pdf through workflow. I have a client who has tens of forms in one list (previously made with ...

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How to Display Choice Field in Email

The problem is that Choice Field Nintex Workflow email shows too much script to end user so how this can be corrected to look like nicer and like...

  • By sarisime
  • September 19, 2016  23:16
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How to capture mobile camera photos and submit the...

Does anyone has answer to my question? The need is to capture picture with mobile phone and send it to SharePoint image library, which is showing...

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Is it possible to person filling-in Nintext form w...

I have a client who has O365 but only few person can have user rights to it. They have Nintex in O365 only, but would like to make beautiful form...

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How to remove spaces in item url?

My client is using O365 Nintex workflow and due to spaces in item url, items url isn't all hyperlink. This is inconvenient to end users as the hy...

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