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I want to set column1(for ex) value into multiple ...

Hi Emily Billing ‌, I have column (for ex column name is SupplierName) and I have a value in that field, I want to update same value in the m...

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focus the cascading dropdown

Hi All, After selecting cascading drop down its triggering post back and form got reload till now its fine, but my requirement was after post...

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Hide option from dropdown

Hi, i have to hide option from dropdown list. Example : dropdown list having 3 options like A , B and C. based on some other drop down sele...

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show label as a hyper link

Hi All, i have to show label as a hyper link, but that hyper link value have to get from another list. can you pls suggest how to do. Tha...

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based on selection of two dropdowns i have to popu...

Hi, based on slection of two dropdowns i have to populate another dropdown value in nintex forms. can you pls suggest how to do this Than...

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exit run parallel actions

Hi all, It's me again! I want to run parallel Actions and if one of the branches finishes, i want to Exit that "run parallel Actions" and conti...

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  • October 28, 2014  08:58
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Updating Multi Line Textbox control issue

I am able to update single textbox using NWF$('#'+ varTitle).val("Message"); method, but it doesn't work on Multi Line Texbox Anyone can help?...

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