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Query on Repeating section

Hello Everyone, I am working on a project where we would be making use of repeating columns in Nintex form. As per our understanding, items a...

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Convert Email ID to People Picker

Hello Everyone, There is a column which is single line of text that contains Email IDs which has to be converted to people picker. I have ...

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Copy attachments with few column values

Hello Everyone, I am creating a WF, that should copy attachments from the list to a document library with the few column values. I am able to...

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How to copy the default columns values

Hello everyone, I have a site WF runs everyday on a list that copies items which are modified 100 days ago to an archive list. This is an issue ...

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WF to run only on items which are Modified+100days...

Hello Everyone, I am working on a WF where user wants to copy the items to an archive list which are modified+100 days old. This WF should run e...

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Task will end on first rejection

Regarding the Nintex approval task / flex task, i found no matter what behavior i choose it will end after the first rejection, but in SPD there'...

  • By stz
  • February 22, 2016  23:30
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Delete duplicate list items

I want to query my list based on Created By and I want to delete duplicated items that a person entered into my list. Users re only allowed to e...

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