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How to determine the DB version of a K2 DB

Hi, Our customer recently installed the following MS updates: 1.kb5001849 2.kb5003636 3.kb5003696 4.kb5003697 Now the K2 serv...

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How can you force the K2 Workspace to always requi...

Is there a standard approach to this? I've noted you can change Internet Options locally to always require logon but I was trying to find a way to fo...

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How do you Audit Log all changes to users in the K...

Hi, Our customer asks how we can get audit-logging for all add/remove/modifies for users in K2, i.e. if you change the rights of a user to a give...

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IE11 - Process Overview Reports show then vanish i...

Hi, The Workspace seems to be very hard to get to view in pretty much all browsers for me these days. However, I can get it to work generally ...

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Unable to open k2proj in visual studio 2012

Symptoms After installing K2 4.6.11 for Visual Studio 2015, K2 for Visual Studio 2012 throws the following error on load:...

  • By tin
  • March 23, 2016  09:29
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