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I have a workflow where i need to convert epoch time to standard UTC time. I have created a workflow (maybe too long but it works) where i get toda...

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Nintex xtension using api v3

In NWC I need to create an xtension using api v3. all the posts I’m seeing suggests that NWC can’t utilise v3 at the moment. is this the case or ...

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NWC default storage Tab missing

This maybe too stupid a question to ask - I have just logged into a new customer Tenant but i do not seem to have the ability to create a 'Default St...

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NWC Authentication error: Non Permitted Hosts not ...

I have An NWC Workflow with a custom extension into a 3rd party application (IdealFile). The extension created with no issues and the connection ap...

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Call web service not working

I have a workflow that uses a web service call "copyitemtolocal". The workflow completes with no error but the document doesn't copy from one si...

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