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Reporting. How can I convert this string into the ...

hi Looking in central admin I can see a Nintex admin report that suggests it can report on workflows by site. When I run it the first column sa...

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Workflow works on some items during bulk filing bu...

Hi I built a simple workflow that... receives an email to a document library using an outlook plugin reads a 7 digit reference number from ...

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simultaneous data capture and editing ideas

Hi I've a request to turn a paper process into a SharePoint based one and I'm a bit stuck. Paper process is as follows. It's for marking a...

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Migration: trying to join up a list and a library ...

I'm doing some migration work at the moment and I'm sure I'd going about it the long way and manual way. We've Nintex and I expect it can solve ...

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Can I use Nintex to keep two groups in sync across...

I appreciate I could create an AD Group for this but it adds a delay in the site owner requesting the helpdesk to action a change. I have site...

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Preserve metadata when converting to PDF

Hello, I am trying to convert Word files from one library to PDF files in another. I believe I have figured that out with one exception. Can I...

  • By igorsp
  • October 06, 2015  10:30
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