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Import from visio

I found an option in the admin menu "Enable process import from third party tools (Visio, iGrafx) (Default: Off)" which (to my understanding)...

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RACI at task level

I have a requirement I don't manage to solve.The RACI is defined at the process level. My customer'ld like to define it at task level. One way to d...

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Copy task attachments to Master Item on O365...

Hi all, just to give you the context, my company is working on a 300 workflows tenant splitted into a lot of site collections. We have built a c...

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How to transfer a file as Input of a NWC workflow ...

Hi all, we are actually working on a project where we have to double sign a generated document using docusign. With 0365, sadly we are stuck ...

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Launch a NWC External start workflow from a PHP pa...

That was basically the need of my customer who is heavily working with php and he wants to automate some stuff integrating some online services (...

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Add attechment to item on Task form Nintex O 365

There are many requirements where Approvers need to upload attachments on task form, which need to be uploaded on main item instead of task form....

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Viewing list form attachments on a task form on Ni...

Ok, I have spent days on this now. I am currently working with support as well. I even reached out to are account rep because if this is not poss...

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How to remove black background in image button on ...

Hi Everyone, How to remove the black background in the image button because when we are in the on-prem version this image has no black backgro...

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Office 365 Attachments Open in Online Apps

So, I recently realized that Nintex Forms caused attachments to download rather than open in Word/Excel Online regardless of the setting you have...

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Nintex form bug - Using decision in rule

Hi All, I have an issue with Nintex Form rules, I have a flexi task where I would like to hide some fields until a specified decision is selec...

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