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How to get Task Comments and more in Nintex Workflow for 365

How to get Task Comments and more in Nintex Workflow for 365.Note: Task ID’s have been added to Assign a task as of October 2017. See Office365 - Query Task IDs for Multiple Approvers!for details.This...

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  • Posted by hardyj
  • | June 01, 2017 17:52
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Workflow Version Control in NW365

IntroductionNintex for 365 does not currently support versioning for workflows. Importing a workflow on top of a current workflow and publishing with the same name will result in irretrievable loss of...

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  • Posted by hardyj
  • | March 26, 2017 18:26
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Nintex Workflow 2016 - Release Notes

For the product update process, see Nintex Workflow 2016 update processProduct version: version: date:17 January 2019SP Service Pack/CU:December2018Database: ...

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  • Posted by hardyj
  • | July 05, 2016 22:38
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Error in Task. Unauthorized attempt to update workflow task. The response has not bee

Hi,I have been looking over the forum for a solid answer on this and have not come across one yet. We are seeing this error occur sporadically on one of our SharePoint lists. All of the users have con...

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  • Posted by gbaker88
  • | July 13, 2016 08:24
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How to access Site Workflows with the modern Site Contents page?

How do you access Site Workflows in the new Site Contents experience? The Nintex apps aren't there anymore so there seems to be no way to author a Site Workflow if you have the new experience turned o...

In Nintex for Office 365
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Changing Site URL and Title via Nintex Workflow

We have a top level site with a list that contains information (site name, owner, URL, etc.) about subsites that have been created. The scenario I’m trying to figure out is how to change a subsite’s U...

In Nintex for Office 365
  • Posted by bamaeric
  • | March 07, 2016 14:59
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Switch inside a State Machine in O365

Hi,I was excited about the new Switch action in O365.I have tried to add it inside a State MachineBut when I want to save, here is the error I receive.If I remove the 3 Change State, I can save. I hav...

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Scheduled Workflows in Office 365

Updated: Aug. 2, 2017Please note that Scheduled workflows feature has been released as of July 2017. Please seefor more details on this fix.As many of you are aware our product teams are working hard ...

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