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sql request control - user name expected

Good day, This is the first time I have tried to use the sql request control and I am getting the following error when I try and test: Test ...

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change workflow status message

HI Everyone, I have another tricky one for you; I have a workflow called X, when it is completed the status for the workflow says "Completed"....

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query folder for specific items

Good day, I have a document library and I want to search through it and look for items that have a specific name. Basically if an more then o...

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Error on workflow - failed to create item

Good Day, I am getting the following error on a workflow and there doesn't seem to be a reason for it. I checked the folder name that is getti...

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check if document in folder has specific text

Hi Everyone, I have a weird requirement. I have a document library that has a folder [test1] inside that folder is document1 and document2. ...

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Error converting document. Conversion jobs did not...

Hi, Can any one please help me . I am converting word document to PDF using Document Conversion Acton in Nintex SP 2010 but i am getting be...

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Display lookup info from an external list

Is it possible to display lookup info on runtime in the form with info coming from the external list (external content type)? In my scenario I w...

  • By igorsp
  • April 27, 2016  16:43
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Tips on how to emulate draft functionality in a li...

This is a simple trick that I've been using for a while that allows you to have some of the Draft capability without having to turn on Content ...

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set item permission: Error validating configuratio...

Hello all, On a on prem 2013 environment, I have backed up and restored a site collection containing Nintex Workflows. Now I'm checking the w...

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  • January 25, 2016  03:45
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Unauthorized attempt to update the review task. Re...

Got an error like Workflow failed to run but still it was not ended. After than an user attempted an approval task assigned to him through the wo...

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  • December 17, 2015  06:23
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