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Inactive SharePoint Group providers: "64005 F...

Issue You may notice that your hostserver log file is filled with error messages relating to your SharePoint group providers which are unable...

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Rest service returns results as a string instead o...

Issue When generating a Swagger Descriptor for REST-based Services using RESTUnited.com and the accept header on the request is not text/pla...

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Concurrent User Error Message - but only one user

Hello - I am struggling with locating the cause of an error that some of my users experiences some of the time when attempting to save data in a Nin...

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upload files to k2

hi, I'm absolutely new to k2 and playing around on our dev server. I want to create a REST service instance. I already created swagger definition bu...

  • By reto
  • March 06, 2020  03:02
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Using a Stored Procedure and making it to a SmartO...

Please anyone to assist with a step by step guide on how I can use a stored procedure from SQL Server and make it into a smrtobject? I would like to ...

  • By Gozni
  • January 10, 2020  06:50
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How to close a User Task on a particular date when...

Hi, I have an user activity that needs to be closed on a particular date, This closure date will be selected by the user in the Smart form of the...

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Conditionally start a Workflow

Hi, I have a requirement to start a workflow based on certain condition. Condition is to start a workflow , if any file is loaded into a folder ...

  • By kathija
  • November 21, 2019  21:58
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