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Nintex Forms – Automatically calculate distance be...

In this blog post I’d like to show, how to use the Nintex Forms “Web Request” control together with the Google Distance Matrix API to automatica...

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Nintex App Studio - How to delete an app?

Hey everybody, I'am desperately looking for the button to delete an existing app in Nintex App studio! Does anybody know how to achieve this, is...

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Step-by-step guide - How to build a dynamic repeat...

In this blog post I'd like to provide a step-by-step guide to build a dynamic repeating section with Nintex Forms that can be used in order forms...

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Nintex Forms 2016 - Wrong date format in XML of re...

Hello everybody, we have an environment with Nintex International installed and created a site collection with german as the default language....

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Nintex Workflow for Office 365 – How to get the co...

In my scenario, I have two lists. The first list is called „Car marks and Product locations“, where I store car marks and the locations where th...

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how do I add my logo to an email?

I'm trying to include our company logo to stmp emails through Drawloop. Can someone help?

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Multiple-selection check box (list lookup) field -...

Hi all, I have a List Lookup field (multiple selection check boxes) on my form, which slows a list of offices. When the form is in New mode, ...

  • By jr204
  • February 15, 2017  10:48
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I have a Nintex Form, one of the field is a lookup which is connected to a SharePoint custom list. When submitting the form I can see the choices...

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Pause until a specific time

Hello! I have a diary system where the user enters a due date. The workflow then pauses until that date and sends an email. After that remi...

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Reduce the width of date/time control

Hi I am unable reduce the width of date and time field in nintex forms. and how do I add make the radio button horizontal instead of vertical? ...

  • By rinu
  • February 13, 2017  04:36
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