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Workflow Deployment Error "Conflicts: System ...

Hi I already have an existing workflow running in LIVE environment. I did some amendments in the wording in the email content of email events and...

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How to update the originator of an existing / runn...

Hi, I guess other people must have come across similar situation where they need to change the originator of a workflow instance. In this cas...

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How to rename Folder in K2 deployment package

Hi I have created my views and forms in the Dev environment which has the parent folder structure of : Sharepoint 2013 > spk2dev > Si...

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Which K2 database table holds data regarding "...

Hi I am digging a bit into K2 database and understand it better. I know that within the K2 database: 1) ServerLog,ActInstDest table holds d...

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How to add user comment before action?

1) I have created a view "Comments" to get user comments 2) I have a form with Submit button. User clicks the Submit button to action the workflo...

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Sending an email to a manager

Using a VS 2008 K2 Project to create a really simple approval process. 1 activity with a sharepoint client event. 2 activities, each with an E-...

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