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Is it possible to have a Conditional Style apply t...

Hello, I have a scenario in which I am using Conditional Styles to show a red border around certain mandatory fields. This is dependant on a hidd...

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Calendar Control - Manual typed in format not savi...

I had a QA tester come up with a scenario when typing in manual dates into a Calendar Picker that it isn't saving. DD/MM/yyyy - if manually type...

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Passing NVL to SmartObject

Hi All In K2 Designer I have a 'Set Variable' which needs to query data from a smartobject Issue I have is that I need to return results based on...

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Pass value from a View in SmartForm to Workflow

I have a SmartForm with 3 views . Let's call these views - View1 , View2 , View3 . Below is what they do: View1 - This is a listview which i...

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Picker Control expand arrow not opening

I have a picker control that appears after a user selects a specific answer from a radio button control that takes awhile to load and when it does th...

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