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Best practice: 7,000 item list lookup

We have multiple fields on a list to populate a charge code scenario below: First the user selects the Department they are ordering from Then...

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Autopopulate fields from a drop down list

I am new to Nintex. I have a SharePoint list with 4 different columns. On my Nintex form I have drop downs from that SharePoint list, Category &am...

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How to autopopulate a number for purchase orders?

Hello, I am looking to autopopulate a new number everytime a new order form is submitted? How do I accomplish this? I am new to Nintex.

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3 level approval based on total cost

Hi, I’m attempting to build my first workflow for a capital expenditure process with Nintex for office 365. The workflow needs to go to a specifi...

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Display 'assigned to' in list view

Apologies if this isn't strictly a Nintex issue: I would like to display the 'Assigned To' field (from the 'Workflow Tasks' list in SharePoint...

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