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Different tasks option and which action to choose

What is the difference between “Start a task process” vs “Assign a Task” how to choose from these two options.

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history List Control next line does not work

Log to History List Log a history list control does not support new line becasue it does not go to next line by pressing ENter button ...

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Workflow getting suspended after flexi task approv...

We are facing issue with o365 workflow where in production system workflow are getting suspended after flexi task is assign to approver and after app...

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Wait for Field Change in Current Item is empty

I have done migration from on prem environment to online but below action is not seems to work. Wait for item update What is the alternativ...

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Setting up Error Alerts on Nintex Workflows on Off...

This solution allows you to set up workflow error alerts on Nintex Workflow for Office 365. Author Palesa Sikwane ‌ Long Descr...

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Nintex Workflow Migration from on premise to Offic...

Recently I've been involved in that project, where data and information that was being created for years in on premise SharePoints had to be migrated...

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O365 - Find Suspended Workflows

Hello, I just ran a workflow on 1500 list items. I have noticed that some of the workflows have become "suspended". Is there somewhere that ...

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Minimum Permissions List for Nintex for O365

The minimum permissions to open the Nintex Workflow/Forms Designer: List: Full control Site: Read Site Collection: Read (Note: The ...

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  • March 27, 2015  10:44
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