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Query list and pull only items with numbers in a specific field

Hello, TIA for reading my post. I have a large list, 14,000+ items right now, that we use to track collection efforts. We use lookups to a Master Property list to populate things like State, Hotel Na...

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Removing ID and # sign from single line of text field

I used a site workflow to copy the values of two lookup fields to two single line of text fields so that I can delete the lookup fields. The site workflow updated the text fields but the values have a...

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Using a Task ID or similar to set fields in Workflow Task List

Hello. I have a number of different flexi-task approval workflows running on different document libraries. When users upload a new document into the library, they are able to select from some look up ...

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Notifications Not Being Sent When Workflow is Started Conditionally

I have a workflow that I created to track changes to specific fields in a list(s). I use "hidden" or "old" fields to store the values of the fields before the changes were made and then update them af...

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Help setting Lookup field value

Hi everyone,I am trying to set up a workflow that sets a look up field value equal to another field in the same list. Users have been using this list and entering information into a field that SHOULD ...

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Intelligent Workflow History List Logging with Nintex® Workflow & Forms

Hola guys .AuthorPalesa Sikwane‌Long DescriptionThis is a little workaround that can assist youproviding a user friendly way of keeping track of an items version history while keeping your Workflow Hi...

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  • Posted by pesikwane
  • | January 09, 2019 08:24
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