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Allow Height of Signature Control to be Adjusted

The signature control is very tall and takes up a huge amount of real estate, very different from other controls. It should be possible to adjust its...

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Why do some form workflows include the "Code ...

I have noticed that randomly some form-based workflows do not include the " Code to embed form" field when they are published. Indeed, I think I have...

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Dynamic Lookup Value to be Shown in Form

This is what I am trying to accomplish: Each user will receive a link to a published Nintex form. The form acts as a purchase order. Each link...

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Response to Approval After Workflow Closed

I have an approval that has a limited time frame. If the person who is supposed to approve does not respond within a set period of time, then a defa...

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Get URL/Path to Sighature File in OneDrive and Del...

I have a form with a signature field. The signature field is saved to OneDrive and used to generate a document. After the document is generated...

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NWC - How to Sort the Option Label on a Data looku...

We have NWC form where we placed a "Data Lookup" field to bring data about Customers list. The data connection is coming from simple SharePoint lis...

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"Task successfully completed"

How do you change the words "Task successfully completed" after the forms have been completed by the client? I'd like to change it to "Thank you for ...

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Feedback on Data lookup control with Azure Active ...

I've been running up a proof of concept form for a school and thought I'd provide some feedback on using the data lookup control with an Azure Active...

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How to: Use DocuSign Actions within Nintex Workflo...

You can download the Nintex Form, Workflow and List template here. Introduction This blog post is based Nintex Documentation ab...

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