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Displaying Deserialised Typed Array on a List View...

Background I have a Service SmartObject based on a REST Service Instance. The Service SmartObject contains a List Method which returns a Dese...

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SmartObject - Pass Multivalue string

Hi, How do you pass a multivalue string to the input property to a SmartObject? For example, how do I pass in a collection of Roles to the UMUser ...

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K2 5.3 and SQL Server 2019

Hi, We want to migrate our K2 DB to a new SQL Server 2019 environment. I want to confirm that the K2 Five 5.3 application is certified with SQL Ser...

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Start a Workflow - ItemReferences

Hi Is there a SmartObject that allows me to start a workflow and supply the ItemReferences XML as a parameter? Background We have an iss...

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SmartObject OData API - Workflow Error Date

Hi, We are creating our own K2 Performance Power BI Report. We are using K2’s Power BI report as a template. At a high level, I am currently trying...

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Reminder Workflow

Could anybody advise help I am trying to create a workflow that works of a list view to send a reminder. I have a list of contracts and I want t...

  • By AndyR1
  • August 24, 2020  03:37
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How to check if user is member of a role via an AD...

I have made the following method i a 5.2 invironment. In the first method call I check if the user is a member of a particular role using the IsU...

  • By blap
  • August 18, 2020  05:04
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Editable list view - single row validation

My end goal is to be able to validate various fields on an editable list view row before the user adds a second row. We want to do it this way rather...

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K2 workflow stuck loading at 80%

When the workflow is opened in K2 Designer, it starts to load correctly but the loading indicator will hang at 80 percent and not able t...

  • By Manasa1
  • January 13, 2020  00:09
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Management Service Smart Object permissions

Hi, So i have integrated the system User Role to one of my forms (accessible by everyone) that checks whether the logged in user is in a certain ...

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