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How to check if a date field is null in Nintex For...

I have a Nintex Form in SharePoint 2016. The form has a date field and a user is required to enter a date. How do I put that validation. IsnullorEmpt...

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Using set variable/field in Nintex form

I have a nintex form based on a list in SharePoint 2016. This is what I want to accomplish, I have a dropdown list (choice control). I have a l...

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How to read an option button value

Using a SharePoint 2016 list. Have a choice control on the Nintex form. Display format is "Option Button." Option1 Option2 Option3 I want...

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How to kick off a Nintex workflow from a drop down...

I created a Nintex form in SharePoint 2016. In the form I have many controls including a drop down list control, which is tied to a column in the Sha...

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Populate a date field based on a value in Drop dow...

I am in SharePoint 2016. Have a Nintex form that has a dropdown control and a date control. Dropdown = Request Date: TargetDate Both Request ...

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