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Workflow to pause until a date and time within the...

I'm trying to get a piece of my workflow to pause until a date and time within the start event. Any thoughts how I could accomplish this? @eun ...

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Loop For Each with a assign task

I have a list with a location and email column. I'm trying to setup a task to loop through the list and assign a task for each site utilizin...

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Update a sharepoint list entry with who completed ...

I added a Assign Task action with a form to complete. I would like to update a SharePoint list entry with who completed that task, but can't seem to ...

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365 List Lookup

I have a form that is using a lookup to pull information from another list. But some of the people who fill out the from do not have access to that l...

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Cloud Workflow Query List Date and Time Field

Hi I am creating a workflow using a scheduled event and querying a list. So basically at 1100pm I want nintex to query a list using a date and time c...

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Assigning a task to multiple users through looping...

I'm sure this can be done but I can't figure out how. Certain of our employees must be able to gain access to a local air force base, which means the...

  • By DavidAD
  • October 02, 2021  10:00
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Configuring the Nintex List Forms Online Web Part

Topic Configuring the Nintex List Forms Online Web Part on Office 365 Instructions Publish a Nintex Form on a list (Classic or 'O...

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How to populate multiple values from a single Data...

I was recently asked if there is a way to use a single Data Lookup control to populate multiple controls on a NWC form with data from a SharePoint On...

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How can I show a value from a Data Lookup control ...

A community member recently had a question on how they could select data from Office365, and after a selection is made, show an additional property a...

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NWC forms data sources / data lookup form control ...

Hi all, I've just started using the new NWC forms data sources / data lookup functionality - which is great to see this functionality added. I ha...

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