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Update an item at the end of a column

I am trying to update a status of an item by using the Update Items function under Sharepoint connector. However, the whole column is affected every ...

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Rule works for a bit then fails

Hello Nintex Community, I am looking to understand why my rule keeps failing. I am trying to us the neat features of Nintex grab a person's na...

  • By far_CF
  • May 12, 2021  12:00
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How to associate Nintex workflow cloud Form to sha...

Yes I am a newbie with Nintex Workflow Cloud. 😂 Even the simple stuff is still getting in my way.

  • By kentjg
  • May 10, 2021  07:35
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Multi level approval - How to Reject a form for ed...

Hello, I am new to Nintex and I am working on a multi level (4) approval WF process using State Machine and "Assign Flexi task" Action with "Edit ...

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SharePoint Online - Query for a specific document

Trying to query for a specific document in a document library in SharePoint Online. My first thought was to use the Query a list action and set...

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