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Workflow task outcome automatically marked as '...

Hi, We have an approval workflow in a document library. For some reason when the workflow ran for a document today, the outcome of a flexi-task...

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Repeating Section Nightmare

I added a repeating section with new designer via nintex form. Now i'm trying to use a workflow to write the information entered into this section in...

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Getting email address from another list based on f...

I have a form and based on the selection on a Yes/No field or a lookup field an email notification needs to be sent. I do not want to manage the emai...

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Trying to show Attachments on task forms

Attachment is not showing on the taskform. I.e approvers can't see the attachments on their form when approving the task.

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Passing value to a new form and setting lookup usi...

I have a button on my form List A(CAR list) that allows to open new window and create a new item in List B (5why list) . I'm passing value Item ID (C...

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