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operationId is required - error from SharePoint ac...

The past few days while putting on the finishing touches of a workflow I've been developing for 3 weeks, I am getting this frequent error message "op...

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Data Lookup, set a value to it

I'm using a Data Lookup to display data from a SharePoint list. It displays the picklist values on the Start Form. But, how can I set this field so i...

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Connection string format for connecting to a SQL S...

I'm trying to figure out the connection string format for connecting to a SQL Server db that resides within a VM. Not a SQL Azure db. The VM is out i...

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Assign a task to multiple users: I can't acces...

This new Assign a task to multiple users function is confusing me. I have a form that must go first to multiple users (with the first response comp...

  • By DavidAD
  • February 16, 2021  19:58
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Retrieve task form url in NWC

I am assigning a task to a user with "Assign a task" action. I have a requirement to show this Task URL in a dashboard in SharePoint. How do I obtai...

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Creating Microsoft SQL Server Connection to SQL Az...

Recently, I created my first connection to Microsoft SQL Server from Nintex Workflow Cloud. My target database was hosted in SQL Azure. Because I wa...

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