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Nintex BOT truncated long variable string when ins...

Hi, I've tried to insert a variable data which get from image(png) to base64 with Python conversion. The variable contains the full and correct...

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How to get a file from server directory to use in ...

Hi, I've uploaded a file with FileService SmartObject to a server directory. I need to attach that file in my workflow and send with email a...

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How to use "Data field" filter for Workl...

Hi, My form has a checkbox for emergency or non-emergency and record in the table. If I need to seperate user's worklist into specific type o...

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Error Starting RPA Central Service

Error Starting Service. See log below. All bots are down. I have a case but support has been unresponsive. All of my bots are down and no one can...

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K2 SAP - Workflow - Pass a GetList method to a BAP...

Hi, I've created a BAPI that contains a table as Input that needs to be sent to SAP I've defined a smartobject in K2 as GetList with same structure...

  • By GaeMax
  • April 01, 2020  07:45
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Select Recipient from dropdown list

Hi, I'm new to K2 and Im trying to create a workflow, which is an approval process. Requester should be able to select the approver from a dropdown ...

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Resolving the "Missing Reference at Configure...

Issue: When you go to deploy a workflow you will get the following error and deployment will not complete: Missing reference at Configu...

  • By EvanM
  • June 22, 2018  13:01
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K2 connect SmartObjects - Object has been disconne...

Symptoms K2 connect SmartObjects returned the following error after running for a long time: Object has been disconnected ...

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