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Failed to run User Defined Action. Expression must...

Hi I have a form regarding Timesheet that requires a repeating section. In this case i have created UDA, When I run the workflow I'm getting er...

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How do I extract data from a repeating section in ...

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with an issue I have with repeating sections. I don't know how to work around extracting data from ...

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A Simple Time Sheet Solution - Part 3 (The Nintex ...

Greetings!! , Finally back in South Africa from Namibia! And I'm excited to bring you part 3 of my Time sheet blog series. If you guys rememb...

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A Simple Time Sheet Solution - Part 2

Greetings again!!! Before anything, I would like to thank my long time friend; Yaaseen Sadulla for producing the instrumental I used in this intro...

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A Simple Time Sheet Solution - Part 1

Greetings Most of the discussions I have with customers who are introduced to our Nintex Platform are ideas of processes they would like to auto...

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