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Triggers/Input and Output lost in Map when copying...

Hi, We have developed quite a large processes and have decided, to split it up into several processes. We have therefore copied the process several...

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Change e-mail notifications

Hello everybody, We are only using Promapp since a few months and need some help. Is there any way of turning off or at least limiting the number o...

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Large Process - Roles on the left not visible when...

Dear all, We have just started using Promapp and have created quite a large process. We have now realized that the roles on the left side at th...

  • By Sally_Br
  • September 16, 2020  00:30
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trying to create process going back a step after a...

hi there, i am trying to create a process which involves going back to a step in the same process twice. As the picture shows. any suggestions on h...

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