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Date format for Date/Time control in New Responsiv...

The Date/Time Control in the New Responsive Designer is a calendar control that defaults the date as "LongDate" (October 21, 2020). Can I change the ...

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Able to pre-populate lookup dropdown from querystr...

Hello, I have searched the forum several times, tried some suggestions but still cannot get this right. I'm trying to save the value of a...

  • By chess251
  • September 22, 2020  12:18
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Getting list items from rest api and grouping by l...

I'm trying to find a workaround for the listview control and i'm using REST API to get items. I am able to get the items along with a lookup field bu...

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Setting/Retrieving a cookie value from a Nintex O3...

I have a SharePoint app that was recently migrated to SPO from On-Prem. This app has a page that contains a connecting webpart that allows users to s...

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How can I calculate business days in Nintex New Re...

I was recently asked how to calculate business days within a Nintex Form. Here is a video on how I achieved a result, but this is just a quick...

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