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Set field to Read only if not a certain user

I have a few fields in my form that I want to only be filled out by a certain user. Is there a way to set the Read-only field to be Yes unless the cu...

  • By jvolk85
  • January 13, 2021  08:23
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Workflow for O365 not Displaying as an Option in L...

I have an issue I am encountering where I copied over a workflow from on-prem to the cloud but it wasn't available for anyone but the admin who copie...

  • By jvolk85
  • March 10, 2020  06:02
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Attach Current Document to Task Process

I am building a workflow on a SharePoint document library. The workflow runs to get approval from users and then is copied to an approved library. I ...

  • By jvolk85
  • December 18, 2019  09:45
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SharePoint operation 'GetUsersByGroupNameAsync...

I am trying to fix a workflow that I had previously tested and was working. The workflow sends an email to a SharePoint group which includes multiple...

  • By jvolk85
  • October 02, 2019  08:45
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Change Column Value based on Workflow Outcome

I have a workflow that I am using the Start a Task Process in. The workflow is working fine but what I want to do at the end is set the status column...

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Workflow Edit Start Form Grayed Out. Cannot Access...

Hello, I have built a fairly elaborate InfoPath Start Form through the Workflow Settings box in my Workflow. Today I went to edit it and the "Edi...

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Trying to add a start form to Nintex workflow O365...

Has anyone had any experience adding a Nintex start form to their Nintex workflow, in Office 365? I'm relatively new to Nintex, and have found gr...

  • By jster24
  • August 08, 2017  10:03
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